About Us

Welcome to Clean Jewelry

My name is Beth, but I call myself the lucky lass because I think I’m a very lucky girl.  I am now 30ish years old, and decided to blog a little bit about my life, my passions and interests, and my love for jewelry.

My husband Dave will help me with the technical stuff like cleaning jewelry (he runs a ultrasonic company and has over 20 years experience in the field!)

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, but I have a somewhat mild case.  I have been hospitalized twice three times in my adult life, and the first time I was across the street from Bruce Willis every day!

I hope that anyone who decides to read or follow this blog will feel hope in their own life that you can do it.  It being your hopes and dreams, or the ability to feel like you have say in your own life and how you live it, or just have the energy to get through the day.

I was fortunate to grow up in a very loving and supportive family, where priority was placed on being able to take care of yourself.  I felt I was in a unique position, having a chronic illness but knowing and seeing others who were far worse than myself.  I became introspective, and it gave me the strength and knowledge to know that we are all born with problems.  Some of them are genetic, some are not.  Even though I was born with a body that is more difficult to take care of, I still need to do the best job I can to be as healthy as I can.  Some days it is easier than others, but I try to not feel sorry for myself.

So, some other interesting little tidbits about me:

I love making my own jewelry. Between the pieces I’ve made and the ones I’ve inherited, I’ve got quite a collection built up, and I’ll share some of it here.

I have one (pretty awesome) husband and a big orange cat.  We live in a beautiful house in Richmond, Virginia that we are in love with.  It has a beautiful garden and is perfectly laid out for our needs.

I LOVE my (day) job.  I am an art conservator, and I have worked on a lot of amazing pieces. You can see my work here: Richmond Conservation Studio.

Fianlly, I hope that the information we put up here on Clean Jewelry will help you to take care of your collection too! Here’s what you can expect to find as the website grows:

  • My mini-tutorials on jewelry making
  • Reviews of jewelry cleaning equipment and other gear for your collection.
  • Information on collecting, buying, and selling jewelry.
  • A solid basic education on jewelry, what makes it worth money, how it’s put together, and how to tell quality from crap!