How To Steam Clean Jewelry

Steam cleaning is another great way to clean your jewelry at home, but has a bit of a start-up cost. A home steam cleaner may cost a bit, but will guarantee that you always have beautifully clean jewelry every time you go out! The idea behind our steam cleaner is actually rather simple. The machine creates a high pressure blast of steam, usually from a down facing spigot, which the jewelry is placed under. This high pressure steam jet safely removes your average day to day oil and grime rather quickly and effectively without the use of detergents. There are some things to keep in mind though.

Check your jewelry first!
Make sure that the fittings are tight, and that the gems are not cracked or damaged in any way. Check for loos stones. And don’t use steam or hot water on the following jewelry:

Porous gemstones
Jewelry that is glued together
Amber, coral, pearls, emeralds, jade, opal or turquoise
Jewelry with closed-back settings (moisture gets trapped)
Costume jewelry with foil backed stones
Presoaking jewelry to loosen dirt before steaming can be helpful if the piece is really dirty. After their first cleaning, this will generally not be needed. Some steam cleaners will be supplied with presoaking material.

Don’t hold jewelry with your fingers!
I shouldn’t have to say this – but don’t out your hands into the flow of steam. Use whatever accessories are supplied with your cleaner.

Clean near a sink
If you arrange things so the nozzle squirts into the sink, you’ll eliminate the need for any cleanup. (Make sure you put the stopper in the sink!) We supply the following steam cleaners here on

The Gemoro Ultra-Spa – This unit is actually a two in one deal, a steam AND ultrasonic cleaner! For general, day to day cleaning, the steam cleaner on the front of the unit can be used. For a deeper clean, the ultrasonic bath located on top can be utilized.

The Brilliant Spa Personal Steam Cleaner– This unit is a great choice if all you want is a simple, easy to use, quality personal steam cleaner. Made by GemOro to be simple to operate, the Brilliant Spa has LED indicators to let you know when the unit is heated and ready.

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