Steam Cleaning Jewelry

X-Steam2 Steam Jewelry Cleaner

How to Steam Clean Jewelry Steam cleaning is another great way to clean your jewelry at home, but has a bit of a start-up cost. A home steam cleaner may cost a bit, but will guarantee that you always have beautifully clean jewelry every time you go out! The idea behind our jewelry steam cleaner […]

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning


What is an Ultrasonic Cleaner? When it comes to achieving a truly deep clean, or when you need to clean many items at once, it’s really hard to beat ultrasonic cleaning. But you may be asking yourself “Just what IS ultrasonic cleaning, and why does it do such a good job cleaning jewelry? Ultrasonic cleaners […]

Creative Jewelry Storage from Fashion Diva Design

Over at Fashion Diva Design they’ve compiled a great list of 23 creative jewelry storage solutions! There are so many great ideas, and as someone who has a LOT of jewelry, I need easy and accessible storage. It’s probably the gardener in me, bu my favorite is this old garden rake repurposed. There are LOTS […]

20 Totally Awesome DIY Jewelry Knockoffs

DIY knockoff jewelry

Here’s a fabulous round up of DIY knock-off jewelry tutorials from VJuliet! I am definitely sensing a return to the 80s trend among the designers with the use of neon colors, studs, and chunky jewelry. My favorite is the friendship bracelet by All Good Girls Go To Heaven after Dannijo. Check it out! Do you […]

Burger Ring


  Are you hungry yet?  I bet you would be craving burgers and fries more often when you wore this Burger Ring from Gabrielles Creations.  If burger and fries is not your idea of yummy food then maybe Gabrielles Starbucks ring ,  cheesecake ring, or even nutella would be better suited for you.  The price is […]

Lamp Shade Jewelry Organizer

lamp shade

  I always see these neat ideas on ways to organize jewelry and I think I was say to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  The lamp shade jewelry organizer is such a clever and easy way to organize your earrings, bracelets, and even necklaces.  I love the unique aspect of the stand but […]

Nicole Richie Wearing an Initial Necklace


  Such a timeless piece…, Celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Demi Moore and Taylor Swift have all been seen wearing a similar necklace to this one. This beautiful necklace is so simple and understated. It will match any outfit and will become a staple piece for every day use.   When you see Nicole Richie […]

Kids DIY Cuff Bracelets


  If you have been doing any DIY jewelry projects and you have kids then I’m sure they are getting in your area and wanting to get crafty with you.  If that is the case then this is a simple and affordable option for your children to create a Kids DIY Cuff Bracelet while you […]

Chocolate & Disco Bracelets

Jewelry TV

Hard to believe it’s the last weekend in July!!!  Don’t worry Clean Jewelry TV- Episode 16 is here to help you enjoy the last few weekends before school starts. This first video will require chocolate!!!  YES!!!  Sweet deal right? If you love chocolates and you need something to store either your brushes, makeup, or jewelry […]

Pompearl Necklace Knockoff


Above is the Pompearl Necklace Knockoff and the bottom picture is the original Anthro necklace.  Flamingo Toes always has some amazing knock off ideas that look fantastic and are much more affordable.  I wish I had her talent.   Flamingo toes used all blue pom poms and during winter it would be perfect as I […]

Hand Stamped Necklace


  I found the a great jewelry maker on etsy who makes these adorable Hand Stamped Necklace and sells them for $23.00.  The name of this great etsy store is Another Day Boutique and she has some great items you might enjoy. The perfect gift for the young lady who has made her First Communion, […]

Anthro Chained Lace Bib Knockoff


Above is the original Anthro Chained Lace Bib and the bottom is the Anthro Chained Lace Bib Knockoff.  I know I have seen a few of these knockoffs around the internet but I think this one is the best.  Flamingo Toes has done it again with this fabulous tutorial for you fans. Here are some […]

Door Knob Jewelry Storage


If you have space to add this adorable Door Knob Jewelry Storage in your closet, bedroom, or even bathroom then I suggest you hurry over to Aunt DeDe’s Basement on Etsy and order this.   The Door Knob Jewelry Storage retails for $32.00 and I bet your necklaces will look awesome hanging on the adorable […]

Purity Necklace by Jewelry Artist Jennifer Peebles

purity necklace

    I hope you will be thrilled with this new Jewelry Artist I found.  This new Purity Necklace by Jewelry Artist Jennifer Peebles will leave your mouth open with all the beautiful collections.   She has some new creative items that I think will set new trends.   The necklace above is her Purity […]

Plastic Beads from Grocery Bags

Clean Jewelry TV

Happy Weekend!!!!  I hope you all are enjoying the heat!  If you are super hot like most parts of the country and can’t get outside much because of the extreme weather then it’s time to enjoy some jewelry tutorials and get inspired to create!  I hope you enjoy Clean Jewelry TV- Episode 15. Make some […]

DIY Jewelry Kit

DIY jewelry kit

  Do you ever get tired of shopping for all your supplies?  I know I do, but I found you can purchase a DIY Jewelry kit with 60+ peices in on box!  This makes it super convenient and easy!  If you are a new DIY then this might be the thing you are looking for […]

Buying Supplies for DIY Jewelry

DIY Jewelry supplies

  I know I have a ton of DIY’ers out there that make some stunning jewelry!  I am curious where are you Buying supplies for DIY Jewelry?  I think you might love this store I found on Etsy with some amazing pieces for DIY projects.  Make sure you stop over at Yooouniqu’s store and find […]

Baroque Rose Earrings


Designer and Etsy store owner, OuroborosDesignsLA, nailed a super hot flower trend.  These Baroque Rose Earrings line up with a ton of runway trends and they look absolutely stunning with any outfit.  Go get your custom order from Ouroboros Designs LA for only $20.00!  What color would you prefer your rose earrings to be?  Can you […]

Retro Wooden Tennis Racket Jewelry Storage

tennis racquet

  I love when I find old items being reused for great purposes such as jewelry storage.  This Retro Wooden Tennis Racket Jewelry Storage is for sale on Etsy from a Messy Mimi and costs $30.00. This vintage wooden tennis racket has been up-cycled and given a new life!  Painted a beautiful purple with water […]